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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the subject of death, dying and bereavement is just as sensitive as ever. However we believe it is still important to talk and be open about these things. We want to encourage anyone who feels able to join in to do so. Basically if you want to be informed and express yourself or simply listen to what others have to say, you’re very welcome. 

All the events are going ahead in a virtual format. You can find information about these below

More events will be added over the coming weeks.




York LGBT Forum www.yorklgbtforum.org.uk

Real People Theatre





with Sue Lister, Ann Murray and Neil Cutler

Lesbian Loneliness + Paper Bag People – meet an older lesbian in a care home
Living & Dying with Dementia – a gay perspective

A 2-hour workshop exploring what it means to be an older LGBT person and their partner
fearing and facing, living and dying with dementia. Public and professionals, carers, partners,
families and members of the LGBT community and their allies –
all welcome. This is a closet door that really needs our attention.


Date: Friday 14 May
Time: 1-3pm
Venue: Zoom
Contact: Sue Lister 01904 488870
Cost: by donation to the two charities


Date: Wednesday 19 May
Time: 2-4pm
Venue: Zoom
Contact: Sue Lister 01904 488870
Cost: by donation to the two charities

The Gut-Grief Connection – Short talk and Q&A with Grief Nutritionist Sabine Horner

Have you ever wondered why people get all sorts of health issues after a major loss? In her talk, Sabine will discuss the missing link between emotional stress and its impact on our digestive system where all dis-ease starts. She will also be sharing very simple yet highly effective natural remedies to help manage stress, strengthen digestion and improve energy levels, mental focus and mood.

There will be plenty of time to answer any health-related questions. This talk is aimed at bereavement professionals as well as bereaved people.

Presenter: Sabine Horner (Grief Nutritionist & Yoga Therapist)

Date: 16th May

Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm

Venue: on Zoom

Please send an email to info@sabinehorner.com to book your place. Booking is essential to receive a zoom link.

SOUL MIDWIFE – COMPANION TO THE DYING  on Monday 10th of May 2021 from 19-20.00 Hours

We will explore the practical side of soul midwifery accompanying a friend on a safe journey home, as well as looking at how this sacred work is done here and in other cultures, in past and present times.

Please book by emailing Sylvia on sylvia30wb@yahoo.co.uk  for her to send you the zoom link for this meeting.


YORK DEATH GOOD FESTIVAL – DEATH CAFÉ  on Saturday 15th of May from 14-15.00 Hours

We think that talking about Death is a great way to spend some time. If you agree why not coming to the York Death Good Festival – DEATH CAFÉ on ZOOM. 

Bring your own cup of tea and cake, snuggle onto your own sofa, and have a relaxed sharing time with others. We want to hear from you and your experience and thoughts.

Please book by emailing Sylvia on sylvia30wb@yahoo.co.uk  for her to send you the zoom link for this meeting.

Find Out More About the Grief Recovery Method – Talk by Geraldine Macé

This talk will give you insight about some popular beliefs and assumptions that exist around bereavement and grief which may be keeping you stuck.  This will help you understand more about grief and what coping habits you may have developed, both the ones that are helping you and the ones that are not.  During the talk, Geraldine will introduce you to the Grief Recovery Method which is a scientifically proven, evidence based programme that assists in effectively processing the journey through grief.

Date: 13 May

Time: 2:00 pm

Venue: Zoom

Contact Geraldine for the zoom link – info@gerimace.com

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